Friday, October 2, 2009

The TGV back to Geneva

We took the fast train back to Geneva. A few random shots from that day. This was breakfast before we left. The Pan au Chocolate is the best in Paris I've found!

Bathroom tile detail.

A random town seen from the train.


Sherry Stewart said...

I love the little red and white place!! I'd go there.. Still hard at work Maya?

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! The size of the pain au chocolate has my mouth watering!! Yummy. Love the photo of the rusted corner top (don't really know what to call it)


Cele said...

European details are delightful. And I'm with Amy, the Pan au Chocoalte is yummy looking.

Maya said...

Sherry: Yup, still working hard in Geneva!

Amy: The pan au chocolates in Geneva don't compare to the ones in Paris! That rusty thing was on top of a train station waiting area roof (I'm sure that makes it so much clearer! HA).

Cele: I love the details!