Thursday, January 31, 2008

Workin' Gal

All my photos today revolve around my old office and new workspace. Today was my last day in the office, so I spent the day packing and cleaning. I'm so sad to be leaving it, so it's pretty much all I thought about today.

Here is the lovely old office all clean and shiny and awaiting it's new occupant. I wanted to leave it clean even though I have yet to be moving in to a clean office. Every time I've had to move, I've had to clean the space first.

Here is the new workspace (after I cleaned it and hauled my boxes of stuff up). I will sit on the left and other people will be sitting on the right. The photo is taken from the door. I'm going to try to arrange my computer and keyboard so I will be sitting sideways to the door instead of with my back to it. That is bad feng shui and makes me nervous!

My coworker and I fed this seagull. Normally I won't feed them because then they come back and bother you and peck at the window. This is my little shot of revenge at having to give up my office. Now the new person can live with the seagull coming back and demanding more food!

This is what the new tenant has to look forward to!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Morning and Evening

Today was a busy day. I had little time to take photos and little time to post photos. Since I have class on Tuesday evenings, this will probably be the case every Tuesday for awhile.


I think I'll call this one "God Bless America" for obvious reasons. The light this morning was excellent. I drove to work, which is unusual for me, so I had different views than my normal walk to work in the morning. It also posed a challenge since I had to snap photos quickly while sitting at a stoplight!


This was taken at the Reservoir Park (or whatever it's new name is these days) while walking to my blogging class.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What season is it?

Most of my photos today revolve around the dusting of snow we got last night. This city amazes me in that it can be the dead of winter and freezing out and you will still see flowers around. Am I the only one that finds that odd and delightful?

One of the sidewalks I had to walk down carefully this morning.

Fall meets Winter

Spring meets Winter

Winter meets Winter?

The dramatic sky seen from the office I will soon lose. So Sad.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cheer Me On!


I saw Atonement at Pacific Place today. I knew nothing about the movie before seeing it, except that it was up for a couple of Oscars. The ads lead you to believe it will be another Pride and Predjudice type movie, but it wasn't at all. I was pleasantly surprised. It is about writing and writers and the effect they can have on other people. I found the subject fascinating. The cinematography was excellent. I think it could have been edited a bit more as it was too long and some of the scenes were unnecessary.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


First try at "sugaring" instead of waxing.

Smooth Flower

Looking through the REI compass.

Taken January 25th

Our Happy Hour destination.

Prosciutto Shrimp - Troiani

Fancy Meets Casual - Troiani

Troiani Bar


Cadillac Hotel

Taken January 24th - Cadillac Hotel - Pioneer Square

Taken January 23rd

Good bye sweet office view. I shall only have you for another week.

Taken January 22nd

These shots represent the COLD we are experiencing right now. This is rather unusual for Seattle.

Giant Tree attacks Space Needle (Thanks to Sprizee for the idea)

Two Union in the amazing morning light.

Camlin Hotel

So colorful! Underwear at Nordstrom.

Both taken January 21st

I'm losing my lovely south facing office (located in the Smith Tower) next week and it makes me so sad. I'm moving into a different room in the same building, but sharing it with many other people. This isn't the best shot, but I had to record it before it went away!

Smith Tower in the morning light.

Game Party

Taken January 20th - This was game day. We played this one as well as a few others. Good Times. My camera battery died shortly after this shot, so I didn't have many options to choose from.

Sunless in Seattle

Taken January 19th - I bought Vitamin D in the hopes of getting what the sun has to offer and helping with the SAD.

This was my whole day

Taken January 18th - I forgot my camera the first day, so I used my camera phone. I rarely use this camera and had to learn how to mail the photo to myself. I hate the quality, but had to take something!

Intro to my new blog

I'm trying an experiment to take a photo a day for one year. I've been doing it for a week now and am finding that often I have more than one photo, so some days I will post more. In some ways, this is evolving into more of a photo journal of my day, rather than just photo ops. So far, I'm enjoying the exercise!