Monday, October 11, 2010

Restaurant Les Cépages

My post from two days ago featured photos from the after dinner tea and sweets at Restaurant Les Cépages. Today I will show the rest of the story. It is a Michelin star rated restaurant and the food lived up to the hype. I think the birthday girl, Sue, and all her friends had a good time!

The amuse-bouche that amused our bouche.

Mushroom appetizer.

Tomato tartar and shrimp appetizer.

The beet sorbet palette cleanser.

The main course.

Five things for dessert!


Rob said...

Looks delicious!

Janet M Kincaid said...

Nice photos. The food was good and, as Faith described it, "not too fussy." The decor, on the other hand, left a bit to be desired, I thought. (And I guess they just redesigned. Makes me wonder what the old decor was...)