Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two Things Challenge: Instant/Delay

Instant delight.

Delayed delight.


Vivian said...

Very creative thinking and photos for this weeks 2 thing challenge....I love it!

I was just making tea for my kids and one of their friends last night, so picky they were. Black pear tea with just chai tea with just honey and one with honey and only 6 drops of lemon ( I used a real lemon, can't really count the drops ) so then my son complained about the pulp of the lemon floating in his! lol

MadAboutParis said...

Where, pray tell, was that lovely display of yummy sweets?

Eeyore said...

Very lovely, and I especially like the tea pot.
I'd thought about delayed gratification vs. instant, but I was thinking along the lines of credit card vs. savings account.
I like yours better.

Virginia said...

Hand me a macaron s'il vous plait!!!