Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fuerteventura III: Soul Soothing

This island is a good place to soothe your soul, whether in the mountains, or a cute little church.

The roads on this island are fantastic!


roentarre said...

This is such an exotic trip to this wonderful land!

Katherina said...

wow..your pictures are amazing! My favorite is number 5 :)
actually, I also come from Tenerife! I miss it a lot... so your pictures come just perfect to feel a bit closer to home.
By the way, may I just ask... what camera do you use for your pictures?

Maya said...

roentarre: yes, it was wonderful!

Hi Katherina! Thanks for the compliment. I will be posting more shots of Fuerte in the next few days.

I have two cameras. One is a point and shoot that is always on me (Nikon Coolpix), but most of these were taken with my SLR which is a Nikon D40X. But, it's really more about which lens you use! I use the Nikkor 18-200mm.