Monday, February 7, 2011

Charles (Charlie Boy) Bentley

Today we brought home this little guy. We adopted him from a group that picks up dogs in Italy and Spain that have been neglected (Charlie was in a puppy mill) and brings them to Switzerland to be adopted. He is 16 months old, so not a little puppy, however he still needs a lot of training! He is very sweet and gentile and seems to be picking up on doggy behavior quickly. He came to us malnourished and skinny, but we are fattening him up and taking him for long walks to help improve his muscle mass. We are happy to have him in our home.


Peter said...

I saw Charlie on FB and was just waiting to find him here! Good luck with his "education"! He looks nice and friendly! :-)

Janet M Kincaid said...

Such a handsome boy we have!

Rob said...

Handsome and not camera shy!