Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All I ever Wanted, All I ever Needed...

I'll be on vacation for a few days, so won't be updating the site for awhile. I will, however, still be taking photos every day, so expect a few posts for all the days I was gone when I return!


nils said...

Hi, your pictures are really interesting. I wouldn't think of these motives. Really nice. I would do more angle control, aehm a straight line in the picture would either be 90 45 or 0 degree to the edge of the picture, but maybe I am to Opaesque/daddyesque there with their architectural straight angles. I hope you enjoyed your holidays.

I had my interview,FINALLY, yesterday and got the 9 month position. Essentially a one month apprenticeship to get a 9 month position, things are getting ridiculous.

We/well more Andrena, wanted another dog so we got a new one that we will pick up on Saturday. I choose Daphne as name. :)

Maya said...

I'm not sure which photos you are talking about. I know I somtimes have a tilted horizon. I need to work on that!

Yeah! A new dog!