Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Only in Seattle

Seen at Planet Java

Bus Tunnel - Pioneer Square Station


Anonymous said...

As someone who looks at photography all day, these are very nice.

BTW, Chocolate covered espresso beans are not new or unique to Seattle of course (though, in a gumball machine...). When in college in Los Angeles, a friend of mine stayed up waay too late snacking on them, was hyper the next day, and then came home and crashed, having a dream of me giving birth to a baby sideburn. Fear the Bean!

Maya said...

Hey, you found my site! I'm flattered you like my photos. I can't remember what you do, but how can I get that job?? It would be a dream to look at photos all day. I do so love photography and have been doing it all my life starting with my first polaroid.

Alas, most of these shots are taken with the little digital point and shoot that fits in the pocket. Taking at least one photo a day and posting has been challenging, but rewarding!

I still need to learn how to take the photos I'm used to taking with film on my digital SLR.

I've learned my espresso bean lesson a long time ago. I DO indeed fear the bean!