Friday, April 10, 2009

Two Things Challenge: Orange/Bug

This flower I took in Seattle certainly qualifies for the "orange" part of the challenge and it looks like a bug may have been chewing a bit on one of the petals too.


movielady said...

It definitely catches the "two things" part of the challenge."
What kind of flowers are those? Their colors seem almost artificial.
I just watched "Little Shop of Horrors" again and flowers are all starting to look like they are saying "FEED ME."

Vivian said...

Orange flowers with bug chews on it......great! I love the color of these flowers.

Maya said...

movielady: I have no idea. Most of the plants in Seattle are foreign to me since I grew up in Flagstaff with completely different vegetation! I do still love looking at and photographing them though. If anyone knows what these are, please do tell!

Vivian: Thanks!