Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When you are desperate for a hamburger...

Finding a good steak or hamburger in Switzerland or France is a challenge. We finally resorted to trying the Buffalo Grill. It wasn't great, but satisfied that craving for awhile. Now, if we could just find good Mexican food!

The Arizona Burger

At least you get a "clean up tissue" with your meal.


Cheryl said...

I haven't had a good burger in months. Will have to take care of that craving soon.

I bet Americans are the only ones ordering that Arizona burger.

Cele said...

I remember being so discouraged when I was in Germany and finding a MacDonalds. I thought my burger craving would be sated. Not. So sad.

Do you have a military base near you? Go there. You should be able to get into one of the base eateries with your passport, maybe even your American drivers licence.

Linda Reeder said...

Hey, good old American fried food! Let's here it for salt and fat!

Tash said...

Looks great for a European chain burger and all the other staples.
Isn't it amazing how after a while you crave the most ordinary things? We had my husband's mom mail us brown sugar to make an basic American apple pie. A friend from work who lived in Spain for a year 18 years ago craved iceberg lettuce, imagine that.

Maya said...

Cheryl: It is possible, but it has bacon on it, so that is why I ordered it!

Cele: McDonalds will never cut it (though it seems quite popular over here - I don't get it).

Linda: There is plenty of salt and fat in French food too (my bigger hips are a testament to that)!

Tash: I will never crave iceberg lettuce. ;-)