Monday, March 1, 2010

Aventicum - The Museum

We stopped in the little museum in Avenches that showcases various artifacts from the Roman Aventicum days.


Rob said...

What amazes me is that ancient art still survives. Makes me wonder if people will be viewing our photos a thousand years from now.

Tash said...

FANTASTIC photos. I love the rich colors of the background against the sculptures. I saw the vase/pitcher on Janet's Picassa site...It has become one of my favorite objects. I might have to figure out how to make a replica.
A year ago I visited the newly reopened Getty Villa in awe inspiring experience as I'm sure yours is there.

Tash said...

Back again -- the first face is so amazing. I might dabble with copying it from clay, definitely dabble. And can you imagine doing an action wrestling mosaic that is so realistic.

Maya said...

Rob: I doubt our photos will still be around. The technology is changing too quickly!

Tash: I'm glad our photos are inspiring you to do your own art! Fabulous!