Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wintertime in Freiburg, Germany

A few shots from November 29th in Freiburg, Germany. This was my friend's birthday, so I dedicate this post to her. I hope she had fun "Glühweining" her way through the Christmas Market!

Selling all things "bee" related. I remember having a beeswax candle for Christmas most years.

The kids find it magical (some of us adults do too).

J and I celebrate our anniversary each year by riding a carousel if we can find one. This year, the giant swing ride did the trick as a stand in.

Making Christmas cookies.

I love the cobblestone streets in this town!

The birthday girl.


Gateglimt said...

Her var det mange fine bilder fra Tyskland.


Ønsker deg et fint nytt år ;)

so long...

Cele said...

I got to Freiburg once, I'd love to go back to Germany again and see all that I missed.

Maya said...

Gateglimt: takk! samme til deg!

Cele: Germany has some beautiful cities!