Monday, January 19, 2009



Agility training


D.C. Confidential said...

All of these are great, but I especially love the last two. The one of the dog looking up just melts my otherwise Grinchy heart!

Maya said...

dc: Hmmm, maybe you need a dog to keep that Grinchy heart at bay!

Dusty Lens said...

Oh for crying out loud, how cute they are! Love the skateboarder and those puppy eyes. Agility looks so much like fun for the dogs, fun to watch them work at it.

We tried to get our Winston involved. Little satan wanted nothing of it, he would rather terrorize all the other puppies. Ah, yeah, he also graduated from dog training 5 place out of 5 dogs.

Tash said...

What a cute pair. I agree with DC on the doggie looking up - so sweet. And they are talented too!

Maya said...

dusty: Your Winston sounds like a real treat! ;-)

Tash: They are still young (only 7 months). We'll see how far they go with the training!