Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two Things Challenge: Paper/Plastic

Plastic. Bobo was guarding my co-worker's cube so she could get some work done uninterrupted.

Paper. This sign was put on Bobo's head to warn another co-worker to keep his feet off Bobo.


D.C. Confidential said...

LOL! This is great. Good choice for this challenge.

Hope your colleague got some work done thanks to her new cubicle concentration protection device, or CCPD.

Maya said...

dc: Thanks!

Dusty Lens said...

I can use this one about now, except I don't think there would be any air left in it.

chosha said...

That made me laugh. Fun interpretation.

Eeyore said...

I recognize that chair. Well, maybe not THAT chair, but it sure looks like the one I sat in for a few years. Now mine is a leather recliner, in my loft, in front of the TV. Retirement is great. Shoulda done it years ago.

Maya said...

dusty: I know the feeling!

chosha: Thanks!

Eeyore: I'd rather be in your chair!