Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And continuing down the road...

We started heading West towards AZ and made a stop to see the Acoma Pueblo (or Sky City). It is regarded as the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States. It is built on top of a mesa with sheer sides and access was originally only by stairs cut into the rock. Now they have a primitive road and you have to take a tour to go up there. It is well worth the high cost of admission!

The facilities.

The San Estévan del Rey Mission is seen here in the distance behind all the outhouses. There is also a cemetery just to the left of it that contains graves going 5 layers deep! Fewer than 50 tribal members live year-round in the earthen homes of Sky City. Those living in the community tend to the massive San Estévan del Rey Mission, completed in 1640. The missionaries wanted the natives to take on Catholicism, but allowed people to keep their native ceremonies and beliefs as well, so today many people practice both.

Normally I'd say, "it's a dog's life," but in this case I think that poor dog must have been dying of heat stroke. It was mighty hot up there!

We hadn't eaten breakfast and it was afternoon by the time we finished our tour, so one of these "Pueblo Tacos" looked mighty appealing! As a child growing up in Flagstaff, AZ, we referred to these as "Navajo Tacos." I guess each culture has taken the delicacy on as their own!


Janet Kincaid said...

I loved this part of our road trip! The pueblo was amazing and, as you also asserted, worth every penny. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone passing through New Mexico.

Oh yeah, and your photos are all great!

Maya said...