Saturday, January 16, 2010

Montreux, Switzerland

Just before Christmas, we went to Montreux, Switzerland. The city is located on Lake Geneva and isn't too far from home. We decided to make a weekend getaway out of it so we could enjoy Saturday night in the area and visit the Christmas Market and Chillon Castle. This was the view from our hotel room. The small black spot in the sky is another paraglider!

The hallway in our hotel.

Beautiful old furniture also in the hotel hallway!

Looking towards Montreux.

This promenade runs most of the way between Montreux and Chillon Castle (about 45 minutes to an hour walk). Our hotel was about half way between the two, so we walked the Promenade often!

Anyone know what tree this is? These trees were laden with fruit!


Sherry Stewart said...

Another beautiful side trip Maya.. You do get around!
I remember the day you quit your old job..

Now look at you! Wow!

Chuck Pefley said...

Lovely! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in CH two years ago.

Linda Reeder said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful place. I have no idea that the tree with fruit is.

Cele said...

I can't blow the picture up, going on shape, size and color are they persimons?

The picture of the lake and mountain is something right of the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful. Montreau always makes me think of the song Smoke on the Water.

Tash said...

What a stunning view of the mountains! Superb photo, M.
Beautiful photos of Montreux, which I didn't think of as being that "photogenic" - just remember that one tall-not-so-attractive building. Chillon is great, isn't it. I just remember understanding how cold and dark the place must of been. Please do get to an organ concert (or just service) at the Lausanne Cathedral (am I repeating myself??) - it's a sublime experience surrounded by all the beauty of the interiour.

Rob said...

What a trip! A Laden fruit tree, (you were expecting that from me. ;)

Maya said...

Sherry: I'm in a much better place now!

Chuck: CH is fantastic!

Linda: If you don't know what fruit this is, then no one will! ;-)

Cele: Could be.

Tash: Montreux itself is not as interesting as the scenery around it! Stay tuned for Chillon photos!

Rob: I did expect it to come from you! HA