Thursday, April 8, 2010

Basel - The End

The Rhein with ferry.


Remnants of Fasnacht.


Anonymous said...

Title of this post makes me sad. But I love the photos, esp the BS flag one.

- Di

Anonymous said...

I love the first and last shot. I love the shadows on shadows! Fabulous -just fabulous! I also love the glitter in the cracks...tee hee! Just funny to see that even the left over festiveness is beautiful in a second life. Does that makes sense or is this early morning ramblings before a cup of coffee!
Happy Belated Easter! AK

Maya said...

Di: Thanks! I'm sure we'll see more of Basel eventually. ;-)

AK: Thanks! The first shot is one of my favs too. As to the confetti, it's all in the details...