Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lyonnaise Cuisine

The main reason we ventured to Lyon was to try the world famous food. It did not disappoint. Thanks to our friend, Faith, who knew which restaurant to try, we had an excellent meal. The key to eating there, however, is to not think about which parts of the animal you are eating (such as cow's snout pictured here).

Our restaurant had it's own label made.

This looks strange, but was my favorite dish. It's made out of Pike I think.

This food is all about the sauces. You can make any meat taste good with a good sauce!

The desserts were also wonderful.

I believe this was Faith's favorite.

Set up for the dinner crowd.

You can't smoke inside restaurants in France, so people take their smoke breaks outside.


Anonymous said...

looks like some pretty interesting food. i know now much you like sauces and gravies so you much have enjoyed this place immensely! :-)

IMHO smoking in restaurants should be band everywhere. so are you finding that smoking has slowed down in Europe than previous years?

Maya said...

Yes, this food was right up my alley! The French are very much into the sauces.

Smoking in restaurants seems to be against the law most places now, but lots of smokers still around (all smoking outdoors now).

Caroline said...

Hi Maya
Very appetizing pictures.
We are going to Lyon next week. I would be very grateful if you could recommend us restaurants you liked and other places you found worth seeing in Lyon. Could you please also recommend us some Lyonnaise must-try dishes.
Many thanks

Maya said...

Caroline: Sorry, I can't be of much help. We went with a friend who knew where to go. The place we ate was called Place des Confederations and was very good. It is Michelin rated. Our friend ordered all the dishes, so I don't know what they are. One very good one was some kind of Pike Souffle. Be sure to ask for that!