Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun in the Snow

It snowed in Seattle which is a rarity. I worked from home today, but took a break to go out and take these photos.


I also saw someone ice-skating on the street in front of my building last night!


This little hummingbird was braving the weather to find food!



D.C. Confidential said...

Meanwhile, in the other Washington, it's just rainy and yuck. I'd like some snow for Christmas. Can you send a little our way, please?

Beautiful photos of your winter wonderland.

Maya said...

Thanks! We are expecting another big storm tonight and tomorrow. I really hope I can get to work sometime this week to pick up all the presents I had delivered there before Christmas!

Tash said...

So many good photos and such variety, looks like you had a lot of fun "collecting" these. It must be very exciting to have snow in Seattle esp. before Christmas. I esp. like "Watching", and the hummingbird, and the light with a snow cap...wonderful variety of

Maya said...

tash: Thanks! This was a fun day of photography for sure! It's rare to have so much snow in Seattle, so I'm taking advantage of the photo ops.