Friday, November 13, 2009

Mixed Messages

The cigarette packages here have to make it clear that cigarettes can kill you.

This one, however, tells you you can increase your pleasure at the same time as telling you they can cause all kinds of other "issues" as evidenced by the photo if you can't read the text!


Tash said...

You spotted that well. Fascinating. Unlikely side-effect of smoking but if it stops young people from smoking, I'm all for false advertising. I see some young teens walking around with a cigarette & I just want to wack it from their hand...but I restrain mayself. Really weird about the upper section of the 2nd poster. Do you think it's a bad translation? Where they meant to say that the taste is addicting? I remember seeing that a lot in CH - where they just didn't get the translation right. The early IKEA catalogs used to have those IMPOSSIBLE PRICES. :)

Maya said...

Tash: I have that same inclination with the teens!

I don't think it's a bad translation. But, I do see a lot of bad ones around here! The cigarette company puts the top bit on and the bottom part is put on my the folks warning people against smoking! Must drive the cigarette companies mad!