Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun in Interlaken

We went to Interlaken, Switzerland in the heart of the Swiss Alps one weekend in the summer. We had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the chocolate fondue and watching the paragliders floating out of the sky. I would like to try it someday!

The view at breakfast from our B&B.


Peter said...

You travel a lot and I can see that you much appreciate it, in all ways!

Cele said...

ou totally had me at chocolate fondue, but the two pictures with the mountain backdrop, amazing. beautiful, beautiful.

Word verification: Oratival
(Oral Festival)
It shoud have been Pictival (a totally fitting word for you and Janet both.)

Maya said...

Peter: This year I have traveled more than any other I think! I do enjoy it very much!

Cele: I loved the chocolate fondue AND the mountains. It was a great weekend!