Thursday, November 12, 2009

100 Strangers Series: 12

This is Pam Scott, the librarian at the Library in English in Geneva. For a small fee The Library offers a large selection of books and you can borrow up to 6 at a time. They have a book sale twice a year which also funds their operation. We went to the sale and picked up a whole box of good used books for only 40 francs (about 40$)!

Pam showed us around the library and also told us about a Pantomime of Little Red Riding Hood put on by the Geneva Amateur Operatic Society.


Janet Kincaid said...

This is a lovely photo of the librarian! Nicely done.

Cele said...

Oh gracious, this brought up a whole new picture for me. I love to read, but never thought about the ramifications of finding English reading material. How far are you two from an American base of some sort? You passports and American ID's will get you into the PX, BX and probably the commissary too. You know should you be needing American goods. Like, er, um, hmmm. Potato chips and ketchup (I remember not liking as well the European versions.)

Tash said...

Such a well done portrait...I'm trying to get better at those. Isn't it great to find a bargain? I'm now on a roll about places to visit in CH: "Sils-Maria is an unspoiled and peaceful mountain village, seven miles from bustling St. Moritz." ... what brought that to mind was a library (Biblioteca Engiadinaisa) at the edge of the lake where we bought an old used copy in English of E.B. White's ONE MAN'S MEAT for a couple of franks. Treasures in unexpected places. I read the Magic Mountain in CH (20 years ago now) it took me a whole year, but I finished it. Luzerne train station store had a lot of newly published English books back then. ... Did you visit Gruyere yet? Touristy but so charming. -- Sorry, I'm getting carried away.

Maya said...

Janet: Thanks!

Cele: It's actually pretty easy to find used English books around here with such a large expat community! Still, it is nice to see an English library too! As to the American food, there is a small "American Market" here, but it is full of junk food that I don't usually eat anyways!

Tash: More places to put on the list of places to visit! There are so many!