Friday, July 24, 2009

San Francisco II

We spent a few days in SF, so here are more photos of our wandering about.

One for Virginia's "table and chair series."

Zeum Carousel built in 1906.

Zeum Carousel

Zeum Carousel


Cele said...

Okay where is Zeum's carosel? on the Pier? I love the one building that is like a flower in the middle of the city scape. You have a great eye.

Maya said...

Thanks Cele! You'll have to ask Janet exactly where it is, or follow the link. It is not down by the pier though, that much I can tell you!

Janet Kincaid said...

Your photos of the PacBell building and the Marriott are some of my favorite! Well done. Given that we were sort of stuck in SF and didn't get to go to Alcatraz (next trip), you did a great job!

Maya said...

I think being "stuck" is good for me. My photographic eye comes out when I'm waiting around...

Joy Wong Daniels said...

Cele, just to answer your question, the Zeum Carousel is located at 221 Fourth Street (at Howard) in the Yerba Buena Gardens (SoMA). Right behind the Zeum Carousel is Zeum: San Francisco's Children's Museum, a multimedia arts & technology experience for kids. Come check it out!

Hope to see you soon.


Joy Wong Daniels
Marketing & PR Manager