Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Open Road

We traveled on several bits of Old 66. Some were hairier than others. This was one of the better stretches.

This was one of the scarier pieces. You can just make out the road on the right hand side.

It was worth the adventure for the great scenery!

At the end of the scary drive through a pass, we were rewarded with seeing this strange little town complete with burros (or donkeys? or asses?) walking down the road!


Cele said...

When we were kids, we traveled Route 66 a few times. I miss the travel, especially through the southwest desert.

Cheryl said...

What gorgeous colors! I always think of the desert as just a mix of biege, but these are like landscape paintings.

Love your theatre photographs too!

Maya said...

Cele: I'm glad I got to do it again (at least this part of it).

Cheryl: Thanks! On first glance, the desert seems to be made up of mostly browns, but if you get it at the right light, it can be quite colorful.

Janet Kincaid said...

Next road trip, in the list of "next road trips" we're making, let's do the entire length of Route 66.