Sunday, July 19, 2009

Basel Ferry

It's all powered by the flow of the water because it's attached to a line that goes across the Rhine (Rhein). It only takes a few minutes to cross and it feels much cooler on the water. I wanted to just keep crossing back and forth awhile, but we had things to see!

All the passengers and the boatman taking the fare.

The mighty Rhine.

People swimming in it.

People not swimming in it undoubtedly wishing they were (like I was 'cause it was so hot).

Gibby was excited to be on the boat as well.

However, both DeeDee and Gibby had fun on the other side!


Janet Kincaid said...

It was amazing how much cooler it was down by the river than up on the bluffs. Great photos of Dee Dee and Gibby, too! Those dogs crack me up.

Maya said...

Janet: Me too!