Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mighty Oak

We stopped to tour the Oak Alley Plantation. It is named for the Oak trees that line the path leading up to the plantation.


Janet Kincaid said...

Your photos of these venerable oaks are amazing, especially the last two or three. Nicely done!

Maya said...


Dusty Lens said...

Wow, fabulous shots! you captured those interestingly shaped oaks perfectly.

how is the road trip going?

Maya said...

Dusty: Thanks! The road trip is AWESOME!

movielady said...

The oaks are amazing!

On one hand they kind of remind me of the cyprus trees in some of Van Gogh's paintings, filled with movement.

On the other hand they also remind me a little of the animation in those old Betty Boop cartoons.

Whichever...they definitely appear to be reaching off the page.

Maya said...

movielady: Now, that would be interesting: seeing those trees getting up and moving in an animation!