Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visiting the relatives: past tense

We visited the Glen Cove cemetery to see the graves of Janet's relatives. This cemetery is nice and small with a great view!

Janet's great grandparents.

Child's grave.

We found the old homestead her grandmother and great grandparents used to live on called "peanut ridge." The house used to lie between the tree and water tank and got blown down in "the big storm of '82" according to a man who was kind enough to tell us all about the place.

This was actually her great grandfather's old truck bed seen on the property!


Cele said...

There is something about the cactus over taking that old truck bed that is just appropriate.

Dusty Lens said...

Remembering Memorial Day. As you pointed out, uncanny how great minds think alike.

I saw your question on Virginia's site about boules. The game of Bocce and Petanque are virtually the same. The difference is Bocce is more of a lawn bowling game, you never toss the ball. Petanque is a tossing game, you lob the ball. The Petanque court and ball is much smaller than a Bocce court and ball.

BTW, my Pop and I are creating a Petanque-like court at his lake cottage. And we are using Bocce balls. sort of a morph of the two. More importantly will be the courtside drink holders. It is tough to play the game and hold a Gin & Tonic at the same time. :)

Maya said...

Cele: I agree. I just loved that.

Dusty: Thanks for the clarification. I think they play Petanque here in Pioneer Square. I always thought it was Bocce, but it is not on a lawn. I'll have to come over and play (and drink) with your Pop and you sometime!

Janet Kincaid said...

Very nice pictures of Glen Cove. Seeing where my grandmother grew up and hearing stories about my great-grandparents from Mr. Henning was a lot of fun. Glad you were along to share in the experience!

Maya said...

Janet: Me too!