Friday, May 29, 2009

New Mexico Sky

We drove into New Mexico at dusk.

They make nice sunsets in these parts! It's easy to see why artists get inspired in this state.

Janet driving into the sunset.


Cele said...

Into the sunset... love it.

Dusty Lens said...

Go west, ride into the sunset!

Tash said...

Such lovely NM wide open, big skies and ... super cool driver!

Tash said...

PS - thnx for your comment on the blimp. I added more text since your visit. Also, any time you'd like to come down, we'll go hike the now brown trails and look at lots of ocean views.

Virginia said...

Damn that's a great shot of J!! The others area spectacular as well. I just know how hard it is to catch that girl!!

Janet Kincaid said...

Now that picture of me I like! ;-)

Nice photos of the NM sunset. That was a beautiful evening.

Maya said...

Cele and Dusty: Yup, we were mostly driving West at that point, so drove into the sunset often!

Tash: She is super cool! ;-)

And, I'll take you up on the hiking offer when I'm down there!

V: No kidding! Hah

Janet: Glad you like it! :-)

Kim said...

Immortalized and forever cool!

Maya said...

Kim: Indeed!