Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mission San Jose y Miguel

We managed to drive down to the Missions in San Antonio just in time for the early evening light. Beautiful!

We spotted another Padre.

This snake didn't like the look of all the people hanging around and headed right up a tree!


Tash said...

I've been to San Antonio a few times over the years on business trips (Air Force bases are there) & while I pride myself on seeing more than just the obvious landmarks, I never even knew about the missions. The arches are lovely and you've captured them so well. Very COOL snake and cool photographer, too. Tree snakes - hmmm. I think I prefer them on the ground.

Maya said...

Tash: Next time check them out! If you can, go for the late light. It really makes the buildings look beautiful. I just lucked out seeing that snake! It was probably the most exotic animal I saw on the trip.

Janet Kincaid said...

Visiting the missions in the late afternoon light was a great compromise over not getting to see the Alamo that evening. You did a great job with these photos. Esp. that one of the padre (whose name is Tom, by the way); Virginia would be jealous!

Maya said...

Janet: Wow, you got his name? You are so much better with the strangers than I am!