Wednesday, September 2, 2009

La Tour Eiffel

We wandered all around the Eiffel Tower. It is a magnificent structure! We want to go back in the depths of winter and actually go to the top next time. Going in the middle of summer means an impossibly long wait to go up to the top!

Can you spot the Drag Queen?

A huge group of motorcycles made a showy entrance and parked by the fountains.

His picture will undoubtedly read: Me, my motorcycle, and the Eiffel Tower!

I hope he knows the Eiffel Tower is the other direction!

Just relaxin' and taking it all in.


Cele said...

I have never understood the enormity of the Eiffel tower until now. Picture number two is, wow, I didn't realise it's that big.

Now in a totally irreverant observance, you are slightly off your line in picture number seven. The guy laying in the grass was totally obsessed with its enormity.

Hey, I said it was an irreverant observation.

Tash said...

OK, you are seriously into my "never, never enough of those views" photos. Wonderful, wonderful. I think the little boy was taking a photo of him & Eiffel tower. I remember when we 1st saw the view from where the motorcycles are, it was on a somewhat rainy, early morning in September. No one was around. I didn't know that vehicle access is allowed (but it was a very long time ago that I was actually there.)

Linda Reeder said...

The fountains were not flowing when we were there on May Day weekend, but the crowds were. We didn't wait to go up either. I was impressed by how huge it is. Did you see it lit up at night, going all sparkly on each hour?

Cheryl said...

I've just been catching up on your latest photos. It looks so gorgeous there! The colors, the people, the weather, and the Eiffel from every angle!

Your Notre Dame photos were really wonderful, especially the one of the person in prayer. It captures the grand stillness of the place. I once attended Sunday mass there, years ago. Since I'm usually bored by mass here, I was surprised by how moving an experience it was.

Maya said...

Cele: It's HUGE! And, that is Janet lying there in the grass.

Tash: I'm glad that is true for you. I know I was pushing it... I'm not sure the motorcycles were actually allowed to go in there. A long discussion ensued with a police officer and one of the guys on the motorcycles.

Linda: I saw it glittering several times, but only from a distance. I think next time I go, I will sleep during the day and go for night tours!

Cheryl: Going for mass there must have been quite awe inspiring! Did the tourists quiet down for that? Did they play the organ?

Cele said...

Oh mi gosh Janet will never talk to me again.

appropriate WV: gesserie (my embarassed thoughts right now.)

Anonymous said...

That one with the lamp post looks like something from "An American in Paris".
Have been getting your postcards. THANKS!
Hope you are doing well. See you next year...?
- Eva

Maya said...

Eva: Hi! That is quite a compliment, thanks! Glad you've been getting the cards. I've only been sending them to people that I think will appreciate them!

Yup, see you next year! Looks like I'll miss Christmastime in your neck of the woods. Too bad.