Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two Things Challenge: Road/Arch

A Parisian road.

A few arches on the Sacre Coeur.


Tash said...

The best of Parisian photos are found HERE!
(I must remember the challenge deadline!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! hats off to you! These are stunning images and I love the black and white!
I also like your metro pics below, especially the top one.

Thanks for your visit:)

Maya said...

Tash: Thanks!

lisa: Thanks! I check your blog all the time, just not commenting much these days... Glad you stopped by!

Dusty Lens said...

So elegant in B&W!

Maya said...

Dusty: Thanks! I didn't even change the second one, it was just naturally B&W!

Eeyore said...

Very nice, and I see that the second one is indeed in color, just most of the colors are black or white.

Maya said...

Eeyore: Yes, you have to look closely!