Sunday, September 20, 2009

More random wandering

These bikes are part of the Velib bike rental transit system. There are 750 locations where you can pick up or drop off a bike. Very practical!

Self Portrait

Photo in the making.

A practical chandelier!


Dusty Lens said...

I wish I had time to ride the Velib when we were there. So, we were standing on top of Arc de Triomph looking down at that crazy jumble of traffic in the round about.

Two Velib riders rode into the center of the round about and crazy car chaos and exited down Champs Elysees. Crazy Velib riders.

Sherry Stewart said...

I see you're having a lot of fun Maya! I'm enjoying it with you!!

AB said...

The figures are amazing: 20,000 bikes, 16,000 replaced due to vandalism, 3.000 stolen, 100 pulled from the Seine.

Maya said...

Dusty: Crazy indeed!

Sherry: I was! Glad you are liking the photos.

AB: Not so good!

Virginia said...

OH that chandelier is my favorite. You got it so well.
I love going back through all your photos. It's like taking a little mini vacation back to Paris. I get sad sometimes and then I see these photos and I smile. Merci mon amie. It was the best of times . I loved sharing it with you and J. and Peter.

Maya said...

V: I'm glad my photos are bringing up good memories for you. They do for me too! What a great time we had in Paris!