Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo Friday: Fear

These are the stairs you have to climb to get to the top of the Sacré-Cœur. They filled me with fear as I have claustrophobia. They are tiny and wind up in the semi-darkness for a long ways. I had to be talked through the experience!


Anonymous said...

oohh! I didn't know you could walk up the Sacre Coeur! The steps are so worn down and slippery looking...reminds me of the steps at Notre Dame!


Tash said...

Sacre Coeur! At least it was one amazing place to risk the fear. Well done on the photo, I can feel the confined space. Photography is in your blood - you even take a splendid photo in a crisis.

Cheryl said...

It would have been getting to the top that I would have had trouble with. I don't do well with heights, no matter how secure the area is and unlikely that I'll just be sucked off the precipice (because of course that happens a lot :)) to fall straight to the ground. The three times I've been in Paris I had to skip the Eiffel Tower. Good for you for facing your fears!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Perfect for the theme! and good on you for feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

Maya said...

Amy: We didn't manage to walk up Notre Dame. The line was too long! I'm sure the steps are similar and just as scary!

Tash: Hahaha, yes, even when faced with fears, one must keep clicking. Isn't that how you get those once in a lifetime shots??

Cheryl: These are certainly irrational fears, but knowing that doesn't make them go away, does it? You probably wouldn't have liked it up there as it's the highest point in Paris I believe (at least it's on the highest hill).

Lisa: Thanks!

Cele said...

I have put off posting fear, because I'd have to find a snake to photograph. And ugh! no way.

I can see my hips getting caught in that tiny stairwell. Extra points for you that you went up.

MansTouch said...

That looks scary but still the photo is great. Nice shot.
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Maya said...

Cele: I don't blame you!

Mans: Thanks!