Wednesday, December 30, 2009

100 Strangers Series: 13

Yesterday was my 800th post! It's hard to believe I've kept it up for this long. Wow.

This man is the potter Bernard Masset. We ordered some small dishes from him and his wife, Dominique, and when they were ready had a small adventure getting up into the French countryside to pick them up. Our GPS, named Winifred (Winnie for short), took us all over the place on tiny country roads to get to their place. It was a beautiful drive even if it took awhile due to all our wrong turns and Winnie's stern "recalculating" voice.

Bernard took us for a small tour of the workshop and explained how they create all their wonderful pottery. Needless to say, we bought quite a few gifts there (including some for ourselves)! You can see some of their work on the website.


Virginia said...

Happy 800th post.Good grief that is an accomplishment.

Where have I been? I didn't know you were doing the 100 Strangers. Hot diggety dog!

Love the potter and I hope you all bought me something very nice while you were there!

Tash said...

Gorgeous portrait and love the pottery & the adventure of getting it.

Wow - 800 posts (and you had a strict year there too). Congratulations! Superb work.

Chuck Pefley said...

Wow! Congratulations on 800! I'm coming up on 2 full years in a couple of weeks and I know how hard it is to keep the blog monster fed on a daily basis!

Love you account of Winnie's stern "recalculating" quip. 'Angela" does the same thing to me LOL!!

Happy New Year!

Cele said...

congrats on a long blogging life, maybe you have longevity of 800 cubed.

The finish on dish in the background is fabulous. I love hand thrown pottery.

Rob said...

Congrats on 800 posts. What an adventure driving through the French countryside. Don't take that abuse from winnie. Tell him to behave or you'll shut him off.

Maya said...

V: You know I've been doing this. You got me started! HA

Tash: Thanks!

Chuck: I will also hit my 2nd year in a few weeks. We must have started around the same time!

Cele: You would definitely love this pottery!

Rob: Winnie is a woman, and we definitely don't let her get the best of us! ;-)