Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alpages at Annecy IV


Cele said...

What I notice the most are two things... the smiles, the majority of them are smiling. second the colors.

Tash said...

wow - what great colors of traditional dress. Love the donkeys or are they asses?
(visited Annecy too and loved it - still have a framed poster of the castle and the river and the city...but what I remember best is the amazing clear water of the lake. we were there in the late winter, so not so many people out; stayed at a hotel by the lake, with a good restaurant, dinner included, ah the fish and the cheese)

Maya said...

Cele: Yes, everyone seemed to be having a good time!

Tash: Is there anywhere you haven't been?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love those two shots with the windows. The "secret" conversation between the man and the woman - plants obscuring the conversation, and then the one above it, with just the woman in the window...nice shots both.
Hope you continue to enjoy your time in Europe, Maya!
- Eva

Maya said...

Eva: I agree! A secret glimpse into people's lives. Everyone else had their cameras pointed at the crowds. I like to capture some of the other things too!