Friday, December 4, 2009

Back to Ballenberg - II

A glimpse into Swiss life back in the day.

How would you like to get a permanent using this contraption?


Tash said...

my mother had a sewing machine like back in Yugoslavia - must of been handed over to her when my grandmother bought her electric. But my grandmother swore that clothes came out better pressed with that type of iron that the new fangled electric things.

Cele said...

My mom has a sewing machine that looks much like that. Very kewl. I love the pictures.

Sherry Stewart said...

Uh, I'll pass on the perm! lol but those tiles are wonderful..! Nice work Maya.. or should I say play?

Maya said...

Tash: Your grandmother was probably right, but what a lot of trouble! ;-)

Cele: It is very cool looking isn't it?

Sherry: I can't imagine going through the trouble of getting a perm back then! And, yes, it was definitely play.