Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nothing like it!

This is French butter. It has big grains of salt which is probably causing the sweating. I'm pretty sure it's the best butter in the world!


Rob said...

And it's the real thing, not that imitation butterlike substance we find in plastic tubs. I had to laugh when I read "It has big grains of salt". I immediately thought of Milton from the movie Office Space - 'Excuse me? Excuse me, senor? May I speak to you please? I asked for a mai tai, and they brought me a pina colada, and I said no salt, NO salt for the margarita, but it had salt on it, big grains of salt, floating in the glass...' Yep, you guessed it, I'm a bit off.

Happy new year!

Maya said...

hahahaha, Happy New Year to you Rob!

Cele said...

I'm thinking it's the salt that makes all the difference?

Debi said...

Your photo makes me salivate.

Big grains of salt and yellow REAL butter. No wonder French cuisine is so scrumptious.

Maya said...

Cele: Yes, the salt, but it just tastes better too!

Debi: I think the butter is a big part of good French cuisine!