Monday, December 28, 2009

Alpages at Annecy XV - FOOD!

This is a dish known as Raclette found in this area of France and Switzerland. It is a mouthwatering combo of melted cheese and meats etc. YUM!

Here is some food we saw in a store window that DID NOT look so appetizing!

This guy was making apple juice.


Cheryl said...

Eating well and sampling the local cuisine is part of the enjoyment of traveling. I love anything with melted cheese! Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Cheryl

Cele said...

Gelatenous fish leave me cold. But the gooy cheese looked temping.

Chuck Pefley said...

I enjoyed raclette in Lauterbrunnen when I was there. Wonderful on bread!

Happy New Year!

Rob said...

Whoa! now that's Food Porn! Dang, now I'm hungry...

Janet Kincaid said...

Raclette: YUM!

That last photo kills me. Dude standing there juicing apples with his electrical source right at his feet. Oh the safety violations we see in these parts! Oy!

Sherry Stewart said...

OMG Linda Reeder and family make apple cider at home every year.. You know her blog don't you?
Amazing, I'd love to make cider, cause I love to drink it!
I'd just enjoy watching tho! This is a nice colorful picture too Maya!

Maya said...

Cheryl: I love the food sampling too! The cheese here is wonderful. I had a great X-mas and a good New Year too. Happy New Year to you!

Cele: I agree!

Chuck: Raclette is great. I love the fondue too! Happy New Year to you!

Rob: Go eat some cheese!

Janet: I know, right?

Sherry: I'd like to try her cider!

Debi said...

Your photos are feeding my arm chair traveler's appetite. I especially enjoyed the goo. Burp.