Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ballenberg VII - For the Kids

The playground had wooden bowling and an area to pet small animals.


Cele said...

I love petting zoos. what fun and the animals are so cute and cuddlely until the poo on you.

Sherry Stewart said...

That big red bunny is so cute. I want that bunny!

Linda Reeder said...

Just looking back through your Ballenberg photos. What a beautiful place!

Rob said...

That's the kind of bowling I would like to play. Cute bunny, It's a long way off 'till Easter.

Maya said...

Cele: Haha, so true!

Sherry: They were cute bunnies.

Linda: It was a great place. If you ever get to Switzerland, bring your walking shoes and go there for the day!

Rob: I was tempted to bowl myself, but needed to press on!