Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Säckingen

We visited Bad Säckingen, Germany on the other side of the wood bridge. It is a lovely little town.

We ducked our heads in the church, but this wedding was taking place, so we didn't go in.


Sherry Stewart said...

colorful place....neat as a pin, too..

Dusty Lens said...

Cool place! Fun to travel and see the world.

Cheryl said...

Wow, the blues in the windows of that third photo is just stunning. All the colors there, the blues, greens and yellows. Stunning! What a lovely place.

That statue holding up the building...interesting story there, I'm sure.

Virginia said...

Gorgeous shots, Maya. See you ducked in but got a quick shot of the bride and groom. Thata girl!HA

Janet Kincaid said...

These are all good, but I esp. like the wedding photo. I missed that the columns were blue marble. Gorgeous!

Maya said...

Sherry: Most of these towns in northen Europe are very clean. It's so nice!

Dusty: It is!

Cheryl: The statue was actually just pointing up at the next level though I can now see that in my photo it probably looks like he's holding it up! It is strange. I wonder what it means?

Virginia: I was taking lessons from you! ;-)

Janet: I did too since I ducked and snapped. Nice to be able to look at the photo with more time and really take in all the beautiful detail!

Cele said...

each photo had me saying "Ooh," I really missed my chance when I didn't take tons of pictures when I lived in Germany, what a wasted opportunity.

word verification: Farthy

I'm going to have to come up with a goodly definition. Earthy fart?

Maya said...

Cele: It's too bad you didn't take photos. All I can say to WV is ewwwwww.