Tuesday, August 18, 2009

People Watching: Geneva Style

Apparently this is what you wear while riding a motorcycle. Who knew?

Patroling lakeside.

You have to love the ice-cream on these hot summer days!

You see all manner of rolling transportation.

This woman had to wait so long for her dog to do his thing (sans leash) that she missed the green light!

BTW: the man capri is very popular here.

A few folks rode the ferris wheel put up for the Fêtes de Genève.


Cheryl said...

These are fun. Almost as good as being there.

Cele said...

Ooh, Geneva looks lovely. Hmmm, I'm not much of a capri (or shorts for that matter) person. And those stockings. Ouch.

word verification: roles (mine must be snarky today)

Maya said...

Cheryl: I hope you can live vicariously through the photos! Soon, I'll be posting Paris shots.

Cele: I'm not either! I very much dislike capris (on anyone) and shorts are hard to find. I did just get a pair I like, but at great expense since I couldn't pass up some that actually fit!

Virginia said...

Oh I can't even start to pick. The "LICK" might be my fav but Maya you have done a superb photo essay here. Take a bow , Sistah!

Maya said...

V: Thanks! People shots are difficult. We had a good spot for viewing and snapping.