Sunday, August 23, 2009

Riding the TGV and beyond...

We took the TGV (a faster train) to Paris one long weekend. This train was seen from our window and is one of the older ones that has been "dressed up".

Kids waiting for their train. I wonder if they are off to music camp?

It's fun to watch the farmland go by. This is a sunflower field in the foreground.

Once we arrived, we ate a fabulous dinner just around the corner from our hotel. Unfortunately, they were closing the next day for the month of August (many businesses in France do this).

In the distance you could see the Eiffel Tower from our hotel room window. Once an hour on the hour it "sparkles" for about 5 mintues. This is my lame attempt to capture that.

This is what it looked like in video.


Cele said...

Sometimes as I drive between Florence and Mapleton there will be graffitti laden rail cars sitting on the side line (sometimes for months) and I marvel at how pretty some attempts at vandalism can be. You'd think they'd just pay graffitti artist to beautify their railcars.

The tart looks divine.

Cheryl said...

Ooo, the sparkly Eiffel Tower must have been so fun to watch! Couldn't see the vimeo for some reasom :(

This post reminded me of my backpacking days in Europe ten years ago. We usually traveled at night to save money and sleeping on those trains was not easy. Still, watching the gorgeous countryside zip on by in the early morning light was a great and wonderful experience.

Maya said...

Cele: I agree! The tart was good. It was Janet's dessert. I had some yummy ice-cream with tart cherries. The photo didn't look as good though!

Cheryl: It was fun to watch! Sorry about the video. It seems to only show up with some browsers. hmmm

I've done the backpack, sleeping on the train thing too! I think I'm too old for it now. I've gone soft. ;-)