Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going Downtown for Lunch

One day we headed downtown to eat sushi, but alas, the place was closed. Many businesses in France and Switzerland close for all or part of August for vacations. We ended up at a British place called Mr. Pickwick.

They had good fish and chips.

This colorful apartment building was our view while eating outside.

We also saw this round church in the vicinity.


Cheryl said...

Wow, a round church! Did you get any photos from the inside?

Virginia said...

Oh yes , fish n chips!!! Not French but whatever!!!

Cele said...

Ha ha, I kept looking for the round church totally confused. Duh! Read, look, learn.

Fish n' Chips, yummmm! Much better than sushi.

Maya said...

Cheryl: Nope, not yet. Maybe another excursion downtown we will go inside!

Virginia: It seems we mostly eat things that are not French here (sushi, Italian, Lebanese, etc.). Must be the multicultural aspect to Geneva!

Cele: I'm not sure I agree, though I like both!