Monday, August 17, 2009

A pleasant excursion to the Jura Mountains

We decided to go up to the mountains one day on the weekend for a walk starting at Col de la Faucille. This town lies at an altitude of 1323 meters. We discovered some beautiful wildflowers, a spectacular view of Mont Blanc, and took a ride on the luge!

Fly landing zone.

We ate a picnic while looking at the view in the valley on the other side.

Mont Blanc. When you can see this mountain (which is rare), people say: "the mountain is out" which I find amusing as it's the same expression people use in Seattle for Mt. Rainier (also a rare sighting)!

Riding the Luge.


Virginia said...

Errr, I've watched a LOT of winter Olympics in my day and I would recommend SNOW/ICE on that luge!!
Great great photos Maya. My oh my you are having a glorious summer!

Cheryl said...

Ooo, that luge looks like fun! And those blues and greens are so striking. Looks like paradise over there.

Sounds like you had the perfect day.

Maya said...

Virginia: It was still pretty scary even with no snow or ice!

Cheryl: It was a lovely day. It is nice to be so close to the mountains. Now, if some of the people would leave...

Cele said...

OH I so want to try luging.
Not only is the mountain out, but wow that is a stunning picture of the outed mountain.

Maya said...

Cele: You should! If you like rollercoasters, you'd probably like it. I don't much like the rollercoasters, but figured I had to try it since I was there!