Monday, August 24, 2009

Paris Day 1: In the beginning

We had breakfast at a lovely place where the people watching was great (this is true everywhere in Paris). We learned early on to share our food with the wasps.

The ironwork here puts New Orleans to shame!

Never fear, there are still phone booths left in the world for Superman to change in. He must have used this one (note the clothes left in the bottom)!

University of Paris school of Arts and Archeology.


Dusty Lens said...

I miss treking through the Metro from one outdoor cafe to the next.

Cheryl said...

Your photos are always so crisp, the colors so vivid. And what a place to practice your art! Is a bad photograph possible in Paris?

I would so love to walk through the halls of that school of Arts and Archeology.

Maya said...

Dusty: I'm sure you do! Next time you'll have to meet us there and we can all share some vino!

Cheryl: It's probably not possible to take a bad photo here (just like the Grand Canyon). No, I take that back. There are some truly bad photographers in the world. They could probably manage it! haha

Peter said...

Nice to see that you have now reached your Paris photos! The architecure school building is amazing! Glad you found it!

Maya said...

Peter: Yes, finally! Now you might get tired of them I have so many... ;-)