Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing Ping Pong in the Park

These ladies were playing ping pong in the Jardin du Luxembourg Park which is a beautiful place to do many different activities or just relax and take it all in. It surrounds the Luxembourg Palace.

Exercise class.

A great place to study the map and see where to go next!

It's also a good place to stop and review the photos you've taken so far.

Guarding the Palace.


Cheryl said...

The perfect place, the perfect day! Sigh...

Cele said...

Wow I want to go there. Picture number seven is a postcard - beautiful. I have to say while I didn't get to see a lot of Europe, I loved what I saw. The photos you and Tewkes have both posted have made me realise what i missed and want to go back.

Linda Reeder said...

Wow. We didn't get to that part of the city. It's beautiful!

Maya said...

Cheryl: I have a feeling if you lived here, you'd spend a lot of time in this park!

Cele: Go to Paris!

Linda: I think you would have especially liked this park being a gardener and all... the flowers are magnificent! I think later in our stay I took more flower shots around the Palace which you will hopefully get to see.