Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Roaming the Streets of Basel, Switzerland

One of our canine companions. This is Gibby.


Swiss Army Knives

This one is for my dad who used to smoke a pipe.

The town square. The red building is the Rathouse (city hall).

Rathouse detail

Rathouse detail

Rathouse detail

Rathouse detail


Just so you know...


Virginia said...

Whew. That collection took my breath away. I have too many favs to point them all out but LOVE The RATHOUSE. For our City Hall a perfect name. The King Rat of Birmingham makes me crazy. Also the Swiss Army knives was priceless and love the red of course. Damnnation, after seeing this pics I'm having a lot of regret about not visiting you two up there. V

PS My luggage is in Nashville and will be here at noon!

Maya said...

V: See? You should have come! This particular Rathouse is right up your alley being red and all...

Glad you got your luggage - finally!

Linda Reeder said...

I love the mix of the old and elaborate with the sleek and modern in these old European cities.

Tash said...

One of my favorite Swiss cities. We went to two organ concerts at the cathedral (20 yrs ago!) and would have to run to the station to catch the train to Luzern.
The reflected Rathouse is absolutely a stunning photo.
(I'm hoping that someone will figure out how to get back mini-skirt legs too.)

Cele said...

the detail on the Rathhaus is awesome, the scrolling in the iron work is beautiful. I sadly miss my miniskirt wearing days... and the bikini too.

Maya said...

Linda: I do too! Wait until you see my Louvre shots.

Tash: Thanks! I thought it was a beautiful city too. The answer to your question is tights!

Cele: I still wear the bikini, but only around certain people!

Cele said...

Yeah, but Maya my dear you still have the figure for the Bikini.

Dusty Lens said...

Hey, I just found my old pipe when cleaning out the garage. You can only smoke a cigar so far until you can't hold it any longer. That's where the pipe comes in.

Fabulous pics! Except I'm afraid I'm not gonna' look good in a mini.

Maya said...

Cele: Well, like it or not, I was wearing one this weekend! Hah!

Dusty: I'd like to see you try to wear one! hee hee